Supporting BitcoinV Core Users

This site tells BitcoinV Core users where they can go to find help—but that help is provided by volunteers like you. Many questions are asked by complete newbies, so nearly everyone with any experience using BitcoinV Core can provide help.

Before you start providing support, you may want to familiarize yourself with the available documentation.


The following forums are where we believe most users ask their BitcoinV Core questions.

  • BitcoinV StackExchange is a community dedicated entirely to answering questions about BitcoinV and related technology. Many questions about BitcoinV Core can be found under the BitcoinV-Qt tag

  • BitcoinVTalk Technical Support is a sub-forum dedicated to providing help for BitcoinV Core and other BitcoinV programs.

  • /r/BitcoinV is a Reddit community that occasionally features questions about BitcoinV Core. Currently, very few questions receive enough upvotes to be featured on the front page, but you can always check the new queue or answer questions on the popular Mentor Monday thread (usually posted around noon UTC on Monday).

  • /r/BitcoinVBeginners is a Reddit community that prominently features questions from inexperienced BitcoinV users.


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the most popular way to get live online help with BitcoinV Core. When providing links to documentation, most chatrooms require you post full links (not links shortened using services like TinyURL or

The links below will get you started using an IRC web interface. Many serious IRC users use a native IRC client.

  • #bitcoinv is where most users should ask general questions about BitcoinV Core.

  • #bitcoinv-mining hosts discussion about BitcoinV mining, including decentralized mining using BitcoinV Core as part of the system.

  • For more channels, please see the comprehensive listing on the BitcoinV Wiki.